Strategy for Jackpot Slots

Strategy for Jackpot Slots

Sounds dodgy, right? Strategy for Jackpot Slots… But check out this, and think about it, it really makes sense.

Strategy for Jackpot Slots

Most slot strategies build on the Martingale Strategy. This strategy is proven to not work. Pretty much any slot strategy is proven to not work. And if they are not proven to not work it is only because nobody has done it yet. So what is all this about? This strategy for Jackpot Slots will not guarantee that you are going to get rich. But, it will increase the chance to win big. Sounds too good to be true? Not, really, it makes perfect sense. There are a few things that will help you get a better chance.

Average Jackpot

Just think about it. When is it more likely that the jackpot will be won? When it is worth less than the average jackpot won on the progressive slot, or worth more than the average jackpot won on the slot? It is of course more likely to win the jackpot when it is worth more than the average.

Average Time

The same goes for time. On average, a jackpot might be won every 2nd week. Is it more likely to win the jackpot 2 days after it was won the last time, or 3 weeks after it was won the last time? You do not need to be a Mensa member to figure that out. After 3 weeks we would say that this is a bloody hot slot. Just waiting to burst.

Jackpot Guide

So where to find the information about average jackpot and average time between it is won? We know about a jackpot guide where you can find all this information, and the best casino offering the different jackpot slots.

Local Jackpot vs Shared Jackpot

It is also a good thing to know a bit about local jackpots and shared jackpots if you want to play using a strategy for Jackpot Slots. A local jackpot is a jackpot that can only be won at a certain casino. The Divine Fortune Slot has a local jackpot. Because of this, you have probably noticed that the jackpot differs in size depending on what casino you visit. A shared jackpot can be won on any casino offering the given slot. In other words, a local jackpot has fewer players competing for the jackpot, this can give you a better chance to win the jackpot.

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