Mega Joker Slot

Mega Joker Slot

Use the optimal slot strategy for Mega Joker and enjoy 99 % RTP.

Mega Joker Progressive Slot

NetEnt did something right when they made Mega Joker Jackpot Slot. It is one of the best online slots on the market and has an RTP of 99 %. That is as long as you play it right.

  • Mega Joker Slot
  • NetEnt
  • 99.00 % RTP
  • MEDIUM Variance
  • SuperMeter, Progressive Jackpot

To get the most out of the Mega Joker Jackpot Slot, you have to use the optimal strategy. Otherwise, it will give you a low return to player of 85.28 %. Even if the slot is quite simple with its 3 reels and 5 pay lines, this strategy can be difficult to get right, but it is very important to learn the slot strategy to get the best Mega Joker RTP.

Mega Joker Mobile Slot

Just recently, NetEnt upgraded the software for this slot, so now you can enjoy Mega Joker Mobile Slot. As you can see, the design is different. You can only see one set of reels at the time.

This is done to give you a more user-friendly slot and a better gaming experience. Everything else is the same. As soon as you get a win, you can enter the SuperMeter Mode and enjoy the high Mega Joker RTP using the optimal strategy.

Best Mega Joker Casino

Mega Joker Jackpot

The Mega Joker Jackpot contribution is 3 %. There is no minimum value of the progressive jackpot. As this is a local jackpot, it can be smart to visit a few casinos and then targeting the biggest jackpot.

The progressive jackpot is triggered randomly, so you do not need to collect any symbol combinations. So, all you have to do is to be in the right place at the right time.

Slot Features

The popular progressive slot by NetEnt does not have a lot of slot features. There is only one, and that is the SuperMeter Mode. Even though it is a simple slot machine, it takes some knowledge to play it right. Not only do you have to use the optimal strategy, but you also need a bit of luck to trigger the SuperMeter Mode.

SuperMeter Mode

When playing the main game, ie game rounds on the lower reel set, you get the choice of either collecting any wins or use them to play the upper set of reels. The upper set of reels is the SuperMeter, and here you have the opportunity to enjoy the 99 % RTP.

When playing SuperMeter, you can place bets of 20, 40, 100, or 200 coins. Which coin value you choose will have an impact on the RTP, so you should decide the number of coins wisely.

At 200 bets, one or more Jokers anywhere on the reels will give you a Mystery Win between 100 and 2000 coins each.

You can also win Mystery Win between 100 and 2000 coins for each Joker when betting 100 coins, but here only Jokers on the middle reel will pay.

At bet 40, 100, and 200, three Jokers on a pay line will give you a 2000 coin Mystery Win. When betting 20 coins, three Jokers on a single pay line will also give you a Mystery Win, but now it will have the value of 1000 coins.

Optimal Mega Joker Slot Strategy

So how to decide on the number of coins to bet? To maximize the Mega Joker RTP, you should place the optimal bet based on your SuperMeter Balance. You can find these in the form below. This can be too much information to remember, so we would recommend you to have this page open while playing. Then you can easily check the optimal bet.

SuperMeter Balance (Coins)Optimal Bet (Coins)
220 – 28020
320 – 38020
420 – 158020
1600 – 2000Collect

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